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video recordings of user behavior.

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3,000 sessions per month. All features and unlimited admins.

rem people
tetra insights

Watch what happens
when you really watch
what happens.

  • High quality replay you can share
  • Bookmark and save sessions
  • Real-time notifications
Watch real examples:

Plug and playback
with easy installation
in 90 seconds.

  • No performance impact
  • Web and mobile web
  • Custom variables and events

Compatible with:


+ any front-end framework


+any CMS

Be a know-it-all and
make the right product

  • Funnels and conversion rates
  • Heatmaps and analytics
  • Mask private data

Simple pricing with massive savings.

We cut out the venture capitalists to give you a better product for less.
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  • Hotjar
  • LogRocket
  • Inspectlet
  • Smartlook
  • FullStory
3,000Free$32 ∞% ↑
10,000$14$114 814% ↑
25,000$29$152 524% ↑
100,000$99$312 315% ↑
250,000$199$792 397% ↑
500,000$299$792 264% ↑
1,000,000$499$1,512 303% ↑
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3,000 sessionsFree
Unlimited adminsIncluded
Custom eventsIncluded
Data retention60 days

Issue Tracking (+$5/mo)

Network logs, Javascript errors, and performance telemetry for in-depth debugging

Price comparisons based on publicly available data on Hotjar's pricing page.
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Every feature is available on every plan.

Powerful capabilities for solopreneurs, startups, and enterprise.
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Sessions are defined as any time someone engages with your website for an uninterrupted period.

interactions icon

Find sessions based on page views, clicks, checkouts, and custom interactions.

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See network logs, Javascript errors, and performance telemetry for in-depth debugging.

privacy icon
Data Privacy

Sensitive data is redacted by default, with granular options for recording inputs and pages.

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Unlimited so that your team, company, and freelancers can identify insights and help you grow.

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Share specific moments with timestamps and control access settings.

funnels icon

Optimize multi-step funnels by addressing drop-off rates.

heatmaps icon

Identify the most popular areas of every page, based on mouse movement and scrolling.

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Subscribe to real-time and daily fees via email and Slack.

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Data retention

Permanent retention of bookmarked sessions and 90 days for others.

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Secure SSO

Provision access within your domain with Google SSO, or login using secure magic links.

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Live chat support

Ask us questions, give us feedback, or just have someone keep you company while you increase conversion rates.

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3,000 sessions per month. All features and unlimited admins.

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