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          !function (o) {
              var w = window;
              w.SessionRewindConfig = o;
              var f = document.createElement("script");
              f.async = 1, f.crossOrigin = "anonymous",
                  f.src = 'https://sessionrewind.com/demo/fake_script.js';
              var g = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
              g.parentNode.insertBefore(f, g);
              token: '<YOUR_PRIVATE_TOKEN>',
              startRecording: true,
              createNewSession: true,
              sessionInfo: {
                  customFieldA: 'This is a custom field'
              userInfo: {
                  userId: 'hello@sessionrewind.com',
                  userName: 'John Doe',
                  customFieldB: 'This is a custom field'

Watch what happens when you really watch what happens.

Track events, identify trends, and optimize conversion rates. Actual screenshot coming soonish.